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Number Plate Recognition Products

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ANPR Software Package

The general purpose of CARMEN FreeFlow is to read the number plates of moving or standing vehicles automatically without human assistance, and transmit it to any computer programs.

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Carmen Freeflow
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CARMEN Parking
ANPR Software Package

Carmen Parking provides intelligent vehicle identification through automatic number plate recognition for parking and access control applications.

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Carmen Parking
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ANPR unit

CARMEN ANPR mobile unit is specially designed to support automatic license plate recognition from moving vehicles.

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Carmen Mobile ANPR Unit
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Video Capture Card

The FXVD4 is a high quality industrial video capture (or frame grabber) card specially developed for ANPR applications.

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Fxvd4/PCI video capture card
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FXVD4 / PC104+
Video Capture Card

The FXVD4 PC104+ is a PC104+ format version of FXVD4, specially developed for ANPR applications

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Fxvd4/PC104+ video capture card
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