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Integrated Systems

Control 2000 Border Control System


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The Border Control System aims to automate the process of vehicle and personal identification by offering a simple and reliable solution for personal document (passports, ID cards) authenticity check and license plate recognition. The system combines two strong image recognition techniques:
1. Automatic License Plate Recognition (ANPR) and
2. Automatic Document Entry (ADE)

These image recognition techniques are performed with the help of the following high-tech hardware and software elements:

- Carmen Freeflow ANPR Software, or Carmen Parking ANPR Software
- Passport Reader Devices
- FXPU4 2000 Processing Unit

By using the Border Control System it is possible to match the vehicle with the person when leaving or entering the check-point thus reducing the possibility of misuse and fraud.

By using this data acquisition system it is possible to
· take pictures of passports and cars simultaneously,
· recognise the registration numbers and check the passports,
· gather data into an "information package" and transmit it to the local (or remote) database or data   centre.

Some benefits:

· reduced operational costs
· spare of time and resources
· reduced error-prone human operation
· improved service
· easy to integrate into existing software (and hardware) environments.


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Technical Specification

CARMEN ANPR CARMEN Freeflow ANPR Software CARMEN Parking ANPR Software
Passport Reader Component Passport Reader CLC 231 Passport Reader CLC 241 PU Passport Reader CL22 Passport Reader
PR 301/302
FXPU4/2000 Component FXPU4/2000 Processing Unit



The main purpose of the Border Control System is to control the traffic of state borders where both passenger and vehicle traffic is present.

On the other hand, the same system can be used for access control and entranceadmission applications, especially, where high security is needed.

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