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Frequently Asked Questions

· Is CARMEN able to recognise number plates of fast moving vehicles?

Yes, using appropriate camera equipment and settings (optics, shutter speed, aperture, camera positioning and angle) CARMEN is able to read the number plates of vehicles violating motorway speed limits.

· Can CARMEN read coloured plates?

Yes, CARMEN internally converts colour images into monochrome (grayscale) format. As a result, two different types of plate can be distinguished: (a) dark characters on light background (b) light characters on dark background. CARMEN successfully reads both types.

· Is CARMEN able to read two-row number plates?

Yes, it is. CARMEN is capable of reading and recognising vehicle registration numbers written in two rows.

· Is CARMEN capable of reading number plates from every country?

Yes, with appropriate training CARMEN is capable of reading basically all number plates made up of alphanumeric characters and it even has versions for Cyrillic, Arabic and Oriental characters too.

· Can CARMEN read more than one plate number from a single image?

Yes, CARMEN locates and reads all the plates on the input image.

· Can number plate recognition systems with CARMEN work under all weather conditions?

Yes, CARMEN provides high tolerance recognition technology enabling systems to work reliably 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are several of such systems under operation for many years.

· Can a single copy of CARMEN control multiple lanes of traffic?

Yes, it can. However the more lanes are controlled, the slower the process of recognition per lane becomes.

· Is there any probability or confidence level information provided by CARMEN together with the result of recognition?

Yes, CARMEN provides a list of possibilities for every recognised character and indicates the confidence level of the recognition. This information can be used in advanced database systems.