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FXPU4 2000 Processing Unit


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The ARH FXPU4 is a full featured, compact sized industrial computer with built in CARMEN FXMB4 motherboard. This motherboard has an integrated CARMEN FxVd4mc_s grabber card, so the unit is also applicable for automatic number plate recognition (running CARMEN ANPR software). The integrated video capture function can handle up to four video inputs signals through its BNC connectors, transmitting the signals to the built-in Bt878 multimedia chip. The computer has a standard industrial ATX power supply unit, as well.
The ARH FXPU4 unit can be equipped with a fast Intel Pentium III®, or Celeron ® processor that brings advanced CPU technology and processing power to your latest applications.
The INTEL 815E AGP chipset also incorporates the latest technology from Intel providing the increased bandwidth needed to operate your system bus at speeds up to 133MHz. Further technical features can be found in the information sheet of CARMEN FXMB4 mother board are valid for ARH FXPU4 as well.
Since the box of the ARH FXPU4 unit almost utterly closed, it needs good cooler functions. The heat appearing in the box is cleared away by high-powered ball-bearing fans. The air streamed by these fans comes through an air filter, so providing the long life of the computer.

The ARH FXPU4 product has two main types: the ARH FXPU4 - 1000 and the ARH FXPU4 - 2000

ARH FXPU4- 2000:

The ARH FXPU4_2000 is designed for CARMEN ANPR, Passport Reader or other general installations where industrial typed PC is needed. In addition to the several I/O ports, one PCI 2.2 standard expansion slot is contained.

It has three subcategories:

FXPU4_2000: designed for PR CLC 231 or other general installations where an industrial typed PC is needed.

ARH FXPU4_ 2000F: the full version of the device. It means that the incorporated SX micro-controller on the motherboard, which serves as a hardware key protection of the Carmen ANPR software is programmed, thus the device besides Passport Reader functions it is capable of ANPR functions, as well.

ARH FXPU4_2000L: the limited version of the device for regular PC usage other than ANPR functions. In the limited version the incorporated SX micro-controller, which serves as a hardware key protection of the Carmen ANPR is not programmed, thus the Carmen ANPR software is not functional on the computer.


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Technical Specification

Supported CPU Socket 370 CPUs
Intel Pentium III Processor up to 1GHz, FSB: 66/100/133 MHz
Intel Celeron Processor up to 1 GHz, FSB: 66/100/133 MHz
Memory 2x168-pin DIMM sockets
maximum 512MB
3.3V PC-100/PC-133 SDRAM DIMM
BIOS Licensed AWARD BIOS, 4Mbit Flash ROM
Plug-and-Play compatible
Chip Set Intel 815E AGP chipset
82815E Graphics and Memory Controller Hub (GMCH)
82801BA I/O Controller Hub 2 (ICH2)
Video Input Interface On-board FXVD4 PCI
Display Intel 82815E Graphics Accelerator
Non-interlace CRT monitors, 1280x1024, 24-bit colors
Display connector: DB-15 VGA
LAN Controller Realtek 8139C Ethernet controller
10/100 Tx with RJ-45 connector
Audio AC97 V2.1 compliant Audio CODEC with 3D sound
EIDE Disk Controller (dual port) 1 fixed disk drive
PIO Mode 4 and Ultra DMA33/66/100 supported
Full support for LS-120 HD floppy drive
CD-ROM Connectable via external EIDE Disk Controller connection
Floppy Disk Not installed
Parallel Port Single PP with bi-directional compatibility
EPP and ECP enhanced port modes
Serial ports Four serial ports
PS/2 Keyboard / Mouse port Two six-pin mini-DIN connectors
Universal Serial Bus (USB) Two USB connectors
Power Supply AC 115/230V, 60/50Hz universal ATX P/S
Operating Temperature 0 to 55C
Humidity 5 to 90% RHNC
Dimensions 237 x 245 x 112 mm





· FXPU4 1000/2000 computer

· Metal case with dust filters
· Motherboard
· On-board FXVD4 video capture card with watchdog
· EIDE CD-ROM connection
· 1 parallel, 4 serial, 2 USB ports, audio I/O, keyboard & mouse connection
· FXPU4 1000/2000 device drivers CD-ROM

· FXVD4 video capture drivers CD-ROM



FXPU4 has been designed mainly for Passport Reader and ANPR applications.

As FXPU4 is an industrial computer, it can be used for many other purposes also, just as an other similar machine.
FXPU4 is compact, and integrated with FXVD4, therefore it can be an optimal solution for

· Digital Video Surveillance
· Monitoring
· Security and Industrial Control
· Video Streaming
· Industrial and Machine Vision
· Robotics
· Microscopy and Medical
· Internet and Multimedia


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