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Carmen Mobile ANPR Unit

Frequently Asked Questions

· Can Carmen mobile be used from any vehicle?

Yes, Carmen mobile can be used from any vehicle, which provides 12V power supply.

· Can Carmen mobile be used both day and night?

Yes, it can. For night-time operation we advice the usage of our special IR illuminator and camera with the Carmen mobile unit for better performance.

· Can Carmen mobile be connected to a central database?

Yes, Carmen mobile is delivered with a GSM/GPRS module, which makes online connection possible.

· Can Carmen mobile provide any information about the position of the car?

Yes, Carmen mobile is delivered with a GPS module, so the exact position of the car is available.

· What kind of operating systems does Carmen mobile support?

Carmen mobile is a fully PC compatible computer. It can be used with both Windows and Linux platforms.

· Can I connect my analogue video camera directly to Carmen mobile?

Yes, Carmen mobile has a built-in frame grabber card with BNC connectors to direct connection with video cameras is possible.