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Speedy Reader M70+


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SPEEDY READER M70+ is a data input device representing the latest high technology. It was developed for decrease the time of cueing, where huge amounts of documents with OCR code and/or barcodes are processed.
The device takes a picture and identifies the type of the documents. After it reads the OCR (characters for optical recognition) lines, barcodes, printed characters and special optical marks. It can be used to substitute three devices (OCR reader, barcode reader, scanner) and manual input.


The device performs image capturing, automatic data reading and data transfer within a second.

The device makes quick data entry with checksum control. The reading mistake of the OCR less than 0.0001.

Long endurance
The device has a strong built, it does not contain any mobile parts and it does not need any maintenance, only cleaning

The device can be built into the desktop, so it offers a very elegant solution for front office use.

Easy to use
The device is easy to use and minimal training is needed for the user.

The operation of SPEEDY READER M70+

Image capturing
The device takes a b/w picture of the document placed on it. It transforms the image into computer understandable format. (BMP)

Automatic data reading
The software reads OCR lines, barcodes, printed characters and special optical marks from the documents. It transforms the data into computer understandable format. (ASCII)

Data transfer
The processed image, the data read (OCR lines, printed characters, barcodes...etc) can be saved as an information package in an optional database created by the user and accessed and used by enabled users any time.


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Technical Specification

Size 275 mm x 205 mm x 100 mm
Window size 148 mm x 105 mm
Weight 2 Kg
Resolution 1024 x 768 pixels, 200 dpi
Number of illuminations 1 (visible red light)
Image capturing & image processing time within 1 sec.
Colour depth 256 greyscale
Operating temperature 10 - 40 °C
Humidity max. 70%
Supported developer languages C++, Visual Basic, Delphi
System requirements 500 MHZ CPU or higher
128 MB RAM
Operation systems: MS Win NT 4.0, MS Win 2000
One free PCI slot
VGA at min. 1024x768, 8 Bit colour depth
PCI interface card  
Size 120 mm x 94 mm
Power intake 300 mA/12 V
Cable length max. 20 m





The Speedy Reader M70+ is designed for front office use, where huge amounts of documents with OCR code and/or bar code are processed (e.g.: postal or bank cheques) and where the speed of the processing and the expansion of the efficiency are also essential requirements.
Fields of Application:
· Post offices
· Banks
· Insurance companies
· Phone companies
· Offices

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