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In addition to ANPR systems, we also design, manufacture and market both OCR software and integrated OCR devices for Automatic Recognition of ISO Container Codes: processing container code characters automatically by computer systems.

With the globalizing world the transportation industry became more and more serious. Most of the shipments are made with containers. It therefore comes as no surprise that automatic container code recognition (ACCR) processes have become an integral part of traffic control, security and inventory management. The recognition technology needs to be fast, accurate and reliable. The cost-efficieny is also a key feature.

The CARMEN ACCR technology meets all these requirements, being fast, highly accurate and cost-effective. As proof of its success, AR Hungary is working with approximately 1,700 system integration clients across the globe, and operating many thousands of image processing systems in more than 128 countries.

How does the CARMEN ACCR work?
The camera(s) takes a picture of the detected container (may be several images from multiple cameras capturing different sides of the container)
CARMEN locates the container code on all the images
CARMEN reads the codes on all the images
The recognition results of all images are compared and evaluated to build the most appropriate result
The images and relevant data is then forwarded to the system responsible for data storage and further processing

Features of the CARMEN ACCR Engine
High rate of recognition
Recognition on multiple images for the most reliable result
Fast recognition
Cost-effective technology - outstanding price/performance ratio
Easy and fast to integrate - various operating systems and programming languages

Possible applications include:
Building a comprehensive database of traffic movement
Automation and simplicity of airport and harbour logistics
Border control management
Inventory management
Container surveillance systems

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