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FaceIdent is general and flexible automatic face recognition software, designed to identify and compare faces automatically, without human assistance.

The concept of biometric identity verification is not new at all: it has been around for thousands of years. Even in the way we think about it today, it has more than a decade-long history.

Biometrics today means human physiological characteristics read by specifically designed machines in order to determine or verify the person's identity.

Biometric systems measure parts of the human body and use the collected measurement data as descriptors of identity. The most popular parts of the human body used for biometric verification and identification are the fingerprints, the face, the iris and the hands.

Relying on its many years of experience in image recognition and identification technologies, Adaptive Recognition Hungary expands its product portfolio by introducing highly accurate biometric products.

A new ARH product is FaceIdent, a facial recognition software. Fast and reliable, it is the ideal engine of entry systems using facial recognition.

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