CARMEN FreeFlow Plate Recognition Software

We design, manufacture and market both OCR software and integrated OCR devices for Automatic Recognition of Vehicle License Plates: processing vehicle regitration numbers (numberplates) automatically by computer systems.

The CARMEN license plate recognition technology meets all these requirements, being fast, highly accurate and cost-effective. As proof of its success, AR Hungary is working with approximately 1,200 system integration clients across the globe, and operating many thousands of CARMEN ANPR systems in more than 120 countries.

CARMEN FreeFlow is an innovative identification technology for traffic surveillance, toll collection, traffic management and many other projects where accuracy, speed and automation are essential objectives.

Due to its outstanding technology, its high accuracy rate, the speed of image processing and its adaptability, CARMEN FreeFlow is among the best of its class. In addition to its capability of reading Latin charactersthe Carmen ANPR engine can read Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic (and with special training any other types of) number plates as well. The software can execute continuous license plate reading even at vehicle speeds of up to 250km/h. This feature is especially important in convicting speed limit violators or for use in automatic toll collection projects, just to mention a few.

CARMEN FreeFlow is a core technology rather than a complete application, and it was specially designed and developed to be easily integrated into complex intelligent traffic applications. As a flexible system, with its comprehensive functions library it can be tailored to meet special customer requirements.

The CARMEN FreeFlow ANPR package contains the following elements:
Automatic Number Plate Recognition engine
FXVD4mc_s grabber card (or a PCI/USB 2.0 port based hardware key)
Functions library (for ANSI C/C++, MSVC/C++, MSVB and Delphi, VB.NET, C#, and Java)
Demo and test applications
Tutorial and sample programs both in executable and source code

Optionally provided devices:
FXCAM IBW_2000 High Resolution Ultra Low Lux B/W Camera equipped with a special and synchronized IR flash.

To achieve the best image and avoid any incompatibility difficulties, CARMEN FreeFlow can be delivered with a proprietary FXVD4mc_s video capture card.

The system can be used on any existing PC system running under Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 or Linux.

After integrating CARMEN FreeFlow into intelligent transportation systems, it becomes possible to automate vehicle surveillance or to recognise registration numbers for inventory management.

An Intelligent Transportation System equipped with CARMEN FreeFlow can provide:
Flexible and automatic highway toll collection systems
Analysis of city traffic during peak periods
Automation of weigh-in-motion systems
Enhanced vehicle theft prevention
Effective law enforcement
Highest efficiency for border control systems, etc.

Other possible applications include:
Building a comprehensive database of traffic movement
Automation and simplicity of airport and harbour logistics
Security monitoring of roads, checkpoints, etc.
Prevention of non-payment at gas stations, drive-in restaurants, etc.

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