FXVD4mc_s Video Capture Cards

FXVD4mc_s is a high quality 4-channels video capture card specially developed for the Carmen ANPR and ACCR system.
Its incredible stable driver and high performance make it ideal for several other applications as well.

FXVD4mc_s is based on the Bt878 video capture chip whose state-of-the-art architecture provides high quality images. The services of the chip are supported by additional on-card hardware modules allowing the card to achieve outstanding high performance.

Apart from its primary function of digitising the video signal, the chip communicates with the on-card RISC co-processor. This co-processor functions as integrated hardware protection for Carmen software. A watchdog function is another important part of FXVD4mc_s. With its help the card can reboot computers in case of system crashes, which considerably improves the stability and reliability of stand-alone systems.

The card is developed to handle both PAL and NTSC analogue composite video signals, received through any of the four BNC input connectors. The switching times among the input channels of the card are as fast as 30 milliseconds, thus it enables the user to build high-speed sequential systems handling the signals of four video channels simultaneously.

Four types of FXVD4mc_s are available:
FXVD4mc_sF (FreeFlow): video capturing functions and cooperation with Carmen FreeFlow ANPR software are both available
FXVD4mc_sP (Parking): video capturing functions and cooperation with Carmen Parking ANPR software are both available
FXVD4mc_sL (Limited): video capturing functions are available.
FXVD4mc_sC (Container): video capturing functions and cooperation with Carmen Automatic Container Code Recognition software are both available

Recommended to be used as additional card along with FXVD4mc_sF or FXVD4mc_sP if more than 4 video inputs are required.

Beyond the number plate recognition systems, the "L" type FXVD4mc_s card is an ideal solution for
Industrial and machine imaging
Security and industrial control
Digital video surveillance
Video streaming
Microscopy and medicine
Internet and multimedia applications.

FXVD4mc_s is available with standard PCI and PC104+ interface.

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