Speedy Reader M70+

Speedy Reader M70+ is a data input device representing the latest in high technology. It was developed for decrease cueing time, wherever huge amounts of documents with OCR (optical character recognition) code and/or barcodes are processed.

The device takes a full image of the document and identifies its type. At the same time it reads the OCR lines, barcodes, printed characters and special optical marks. This one device can be used in place of three others, the OCR reader, barcode reader and scanner. It also eliminates the need for manual input.

The device performs image capturing (B&W BMP image), automatic data reading (optical character recognition for MRZ lines and barcodes) and data transfer within a second.
The device makes quick data entry with checksum control. The reading mistake of the OCR is less than 0.0001.
·Long endurance
The device has a strong built, it does not contain any mobile parts and it does not need any maintenance, only cleaning.
The device can be built into the desktop, so it offers a very elegant solution for front office use.

The Speedy Reader M70+® is designed for front office use, where huge amounts of documents with OCR code and/or bar code are processed (e.g.: postal or bank cheques) and where the speed of the processing and the expansion of the efficiency are also essential requirements.

Optional field of applications:
·Post offices
·Insurance companies
·Phone companies

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