Speedy Reader M70+
Technical Specifications

Speedy Reader M70+ Device
Size 275 mm x 205 mm x 100 mm
Window size 148 mm x 105 mm
Weight 2 Kg
Resolution 1024 x 768 pixels
Number of illuminations 1 (visible red light)
Image capturing & image processing time within 1 sec.
Color depth 256 grayscale
Operating temperature 10 - 40 C
Humidity max. 70%
Supported developer languages C++, Visual Basic, Delphi
System requirements 500 MHZ CPU or higher
128 MB RAM
One free PCI slot
VGA at min. 1024x768, 8 Bit color depth
Operation System MS Win NT 4.0,
Speedy Reader M70+ PCI interface card
Size 120 mm x 94 mm
Power intake 300 mA/12 V
Cable length max. 20 m

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