MRZ Reader with RFID

The MRZ Reader is the best combination oftraditional high-end optical reader for ICAO standard travel documents with the latest RFID technology.

Main features:

·Smart combination of an optical reader with a contactless reader (ISO 14443A&B)
·Optimal solution for reading RFID documents (ePassport, eID or other ICAO eDocument) with or without BAC (Basic Access Control) features
·Desktop unit designed not just for governmental but for SOHO (Small Office - Home Office) usage as well
·Easy to use, plug&play
·Long lifecycle, no maintenance required : no moving parts, no consumables
·High accuracy OCR for 1, 2 or 3 lines MRZ included
·Easy to integrate in any system (SDK included)
·Optional SAM slot(s)
·Available as OEM optical unit for RFID reader manufacturers to integrate it with their own RFID reader
·Possible to integrate in displays, kiosks, e-Gates, self-check-in desks or any automated access control terminals
·Best solution not just for document reading and checking, but also for document issuing as well (quality check, RFID inlay writing&reading)
·Contrary to other similar purpose designed readers (which are using separate devices to read optically the MRZ respectively the RFID chip OR some 'all-in-one' devices but which are able to read the data just in case the printed MRZ and the RFID inlay are in the same page) the antenna of the MRZ Reader covers the full passport, does not matter where (in which cover) is placed the RFID inlay. Using this architecture, the MRZ Reader is able to read (optical) the MRZ lines printed in the ePassport and the content of the RFID chip in the same time. That's why is called as well "one step reader"
·Includes normal (white) and IR light to achieve best performance in OCR reading

For details see the Technical Specifications page or contact us by mail.

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