CARMEN Automatic Container Code Recognition Software
Technical Specifications

Supported Operating Systems · Windows Vista (32bit), XP (32/64bit), 2003, 2000
Programming Languages
(under Windows)
· C/C++
· C#
· Java
Programming Languages
(under Linux)
· C++
Additional tools · SDK for easy intergration
· DLLs and ActiveX components
Type of Container Code · ISO 6346 (=BIC code)
· UIC code
· MOCO code
Image Input · Still image from memory, file or
· live video input
Video input · Analog (PAL or NTSC) or
·digital camera
File Types · BMP, JPEG, JPEG2000
Image Formats · Grayscale, RGB16, RGB24, RGB32, YUV
Trigger · Trigger is not needed but recommended when recognizing from live video
Processing Time Dependence · Image content (complexity, noise level etc.)
· Image size
· Processing power (CPU speed)
· Parameter settings
· Number of images of the same container
Sample Processing Time (on one image) · 500ms @ CPU 2GHz, 768 x 288 pixels (PAL/2)
Output · Container Code in ASCII
· Best image (on which the reading is most reliable)
· Code position
· Confidence level
· Checksum
Documentation · Reference Manual in electronic format
System Requirements · Intel 2 GHz or higher CPU (512 MB RAM)
· Free PCI or USB 2.0 port

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