License Plate Recognition Number Plate Recognition
Automatic Vehicle Identification Car Plate Readers
Recognition Software Plate Recognition Devices

We design, manufacture and market both OCR software and integrated OCR devices for Automatic Recognition of Vehicle License Plates: processing vehicle registration numbers (numberplates) automatically by computer systems.

The CARMEN plate recognition technology meets all these requirements, being highly accurate, fast and cost-effective. As proof of its success, A.R. Hungary is working with approximately 1,200 system integration clients across the globe, and operating many thousands of CARMEN ANPR systems in more than 120 countries.

Container Code Recognition Container Identification
Container Code Readers Recognition Software
Container Code Recognition Devices

Addition to the ANPR system we design, manufacture both OCR software and integrated OCR devices for Automatic Container Code Recognition: processing container code charachter automatically by computer systems.
It is developed to read on ISO 6346 (also known as BIC) codes.

The CARMEN automatic container code recognition technology is an ideal solution to make automated logistic and inventory management systems. It is accurate, fast and cost-effective. It is able to read both horizontal and vertical, 1 or 2 row codes.

Desktop Document Readers Portable Document Readers
Passport Readers Travel Document OCR Readers
Full Page OCR Document Scanners RFID Readers
Visa and ID Card Readers MRZ Readers

Our document OCR reader and passport OCR reader products are designed to meet the latest demands of desktop document reading, travel document reading, passport reading, visa and ID card OCR reading.

We offer a range of products from a uniquely high-resolution, full-page passport scanner to a multiple-row OCR reader for the MRZ.

All of our equipment has outstanding image quality either in normal, UV or IR light, with an algorithm that results in an exceptionally high rate of optical character recognition.

Most of our readers are able to read the RFID chips printed inside the ePassports.

Additional unique features of our document readers include reading 2D bar codes, creating full-colour UV images, and detecting documents automatically.

Our products can verify the data of any document in a simple one-step process which takes some seconds.

Biometrics Biometric Products
Face Recogniton Facial Recognition

FaceIdent is general and flexible automatic face recognition software, designed to identify and compare faces automatically, without human assistance.

FaceIdent has been developed for anyone interested in integrating automatic face recognition technology into computer system.

FaceIdent is an innovative recognition and identification technology for every project where accuracy, speed and automation are essential objectives.

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